Gaining operational insights with AIOps using Amazon DevOps Guru


Amazon DevOps Guru offers a fully managed AIOps platform service that enables developers and operators to improve application availability and resolve operational issues faster. It minimizes manual effort by leveraging machine learning (ML) powered recommendations. Its ML models take advantage of AWS’s expertise in operating highly available applications for the world’s largest e-commerce business for over 20 years. DevOps Guru automatically detects operational issues, predicts impending resource exhaustion, details likely causes, and recommends remediation actions.

In this workshop, you will learn how to enable DevOps Guru for your account in a typical serverless environment, and observe the insights and recommendations generated for various activities. These insights are generated for operational events that could pose a risk to your application availability. DevOps Guru uses AWS CloudFormation stacks as the application boundary to detect resource relationships and co-relate with deployment events.

Serverless infrastructure monitored by DevOps Guru

As depicted in the above diagram, we use a CloudFormation stack to create a serverless infrastructure, comprising of Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB, and inject HTTP requests at a high rate towards the API published to list records.

This workshop is based on this original AWS DevOps Blog publication: Gaining operational insights with AIOps using Amazon DevOps Guru

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