The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate the insights generated for anomalies detected by DevOps Guru from DevOps operations.

When DevOps Guru is enabled to monitor your resources within the account, it uses a combination of vended Amazon CloudWatch metrics and specific patterns from its ML models to detect anomalies. When an anomaly is detected, it generates an insight with the recommendations.

The generation of insights is dependent upon several factors. Although this workshop provides a canned environment to reproduce insights, the results may vary depending upon traffic pattern, timings of traffic injection, and so on.

Considering 3 hours as the average duration of this workshop, the cost estimation for DevOps Guru will be approximately $0.03. The costs for the 2 API Gateway endpoints, 2 Lambda functions and 1 DynamoDB table that are included on the CloudFormation stack used in this workshop will be less than $1 for 3 hours duration.

To ensure you won’t have incurring charges, make sure to clean up the environment once you finalize. Check the Cleanup session for the steps.