Launch CloudFormation template

To deploy your infrastructure, complete the following steps:

  1. Create the CloudFormation stack using the following command:
aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name myServerless-Stack \
    --template-body file:///$PWD/cfn-shops-monitoroper-code.yaml \

The AWS CloudFormation deployment creates an API Gateway, a DynamoDB table, and a Lambda function with sample code. Keep in mind that this is a prototype serverless infrastructure for educational purposes only. The resources spawned for this infra does not take resiliency into account.

  1. Follow this link to find your CloudFormation stack.

  2. When the deployment is complete, click on the stack name, and go to the Outputs tab of the stack on the AWS CloudFormation console.

  3. Record the links for the two APIs: one of them to list the table contents and other one to populate the contents.

Learn more about the CloudFormation concepts, such as stacks and templates, on this documentation.